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Micro Injection Moulders
The Xplore micro injection moulders with a shot volume of 5.5 or 12 ml can easily sit on your laboratory bench or in a fume cupboard. Our IM 5.5 and IM 12 micro moulders fit seamlessly with our twin-screw compounders to streamline your R&D screening. They can also work as stand-alone units to mould formulations that do not require mixing.

The Xplore micro injection moulders allows you to test and evaluate new or expensive materials and formulations in a very reliable, reproducible, fast and cost-effective way with very small amounts of test material. Depending on the mould volume, one or two injection cycles can be performed with one batch of the Xplore micro compounder. Alternatively, several separate cavities can be fitted into one mould; hence one injection cycle gives several test samples.Our standard mould geometries include certified dog bone shaped tensile bars, Izod bars and for pharmaceutical applications we have various tablet shapes available too. We can of course provide custom moulds (see image below) to meet your requirements.

Conveyor Belts
The Xplore conveyor belt (CB) units were specially designed to be used to guide polymer strands directly from a smaller extruder or compounder die. The conveyor belt units do fit perfectly to our MC 5 and MC 15. The belt speed of the conveyor belts are adjustable, allowing it to be precisely tailored to each individual application.
Instead of being conventionally extruded into a water bath, the polymer strand is extruded directly onto a blue woven (CB version, see image below) or to a non-sticking PTFE conveyor belt (CB Pro, see image above), which carefully, in a controlled manner, draws the fragile nascent strands.

Micro Fiber Line
The Xplore micro fiber line (FL) can produce mono or multi filaments filaments from just a few grams of material in just 10 - 15 min, thus stretching the number of screenings shrinking your development time. Our micro fiber spin line is fully compatible with our high precision micro compounders and extruders. Cutting edge laboratories use the FL to make maximum injection use of (costly) synthesized materials and (costly) additives and to save development time.

Recently we developed a multi filament die (MFD) can be mounted onto our Xplore MC 15 compounder to have a vertical spinning die outlet, which enhances the spinning process. The MFD consist of twelve die openings to enable for multiple filament spinning applications.

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SINOMOULD is a famous China Mould manufacturer, efforts for realizing the world famous China Mould manufacturing Group and China Mould technologies innovator. SINOMOULD is mean to China Mould, Mold , Mould Tooling or Chinese Mould. SINO MOULD CO., Ltd and SINOMOULD trade mark have been global protected.
China Mould

Sino Mould is a private owned China mould company which was established on 1999 year. The founder was included 3 persons who are Mr. Jun Lee, Miss Susan Lee and Miss Sofei Lim. At the starting of SINOMOULD, most of the China Mould factries were working for domestic market, while Sino Mould started to aim on international market. As because the purpose of mould investor buy the mould is for mass production, for this reason, there should be none stop when a large quantities of plastic molds components need to be delivered or need to be processed onto a certain assembling production line, based on the mould investors'such demands, SINOMOULD started to investigate and study European uality standard for mould manufacturing.
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3D Systems now proudly offers Direct Metal Printing (DMP) services for producing custom metal parts directly from your CAD data. This exciting process allows you to produce metal parts with challenging geometries that cannot be made using traditional subtractive or casting technologies. Parts can be made in a variety of metals that are fully dense and fully usable. Print anything from prototypes to larger production series of up to 20,000 units. Check out DMP in action on the 3D Systems ProX™ DMP 320 machine.

DMP is an ideal technology for aerospace and defense applications. It allows for the production of small and extremely complex shapes with no need for tooling, and it permits dramatically part design than conventional processes like machining, stamplng or die casting will allow. Read more about Quickparts services for aerospace and defense.

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3D Systems masters DMP technology through continuous innovation on multiple levels.
Choose from Quickparts’ Fastlane DMP Service, Technical DMP Service, or Volume Manufacturing Service. Select Fastlane if you need your metal parts printed in 6 days or less and are using a common material such as titanium grade 5. If you need to match tight technical specifications in one of our other available metal materials or if you need some consultation on manufacturability and engineering of your part, you should choose our Technical Service. For high-volume production of up to 20,000 units per year, select DMP Volume Manufacturing Service.

Anatomy of the DMP Process

Direct Metal Printing uses additive manufacturing technology. In the machine, a high-precision laser is directed to metal powder particles in order to selectively build up thin subsequent horizontal metal layers. The metal powder particles pinpointed by the laser quickly and fully melt so that the new material properly attaches to the previous layer, without glue or binder liquid.

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3D printer technology is a phenomenal innovation in the spotlight in recent several parties . This technology is beginning discovered Charles W. Hull , the discovery technology known as Strereolithography ( 3D Printing ) . Lately, besides elative art , architecture , and automotive are driven by the development of a 3D printer , the world health began to use this technology to the process of the formation of a new organ .

Along with the development of these technologies many parties began to use for medical purposes . Some hospitals in the world have begun to employ this technology 3D printer for the process of human organs , A Professor Nakamura from Japan discovered a method called the BioPrinter .

BioPrinter is a process of formation of organs using cells of living bodies as a basic material, material living body cells that then allows for the manufacture of artificial teeth, artificial bone, and other organs of her. BioPrinter technology which is the initial discovery of Professor Nakamura role as the platform by other scientists to develop a technology in the medical field. One of the developments that had mengemparkan is of Gabor Forgacs shared his company Organovo. Gabor Forgacs is a medical fisikiwan to successfully develop bioprinter of blood cells in large numbers.

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A recent incident in China , a man fell from the floor where she worked and crushed by a pile of wooden beams , though he survived the accident tersbut the man lost some of his senses such as sight and hearing . Moreover nasnya longer the man lost a large part of his skull , which resulted in changes in the structure of the head .

A hospital that handles the process of surgically man's head using a 3D printer technology in the process of making the structure of the skull was missing the surgeon doing the draft back the man 's skull was missing with the help of a 3D printer using a titanium mesh through BioPrinter technology .

Bioprinter artificial implant of the results is then inserted into the skull cavity under porters layer glued, if this method is successful , it is expected elativ BioPrinter results can restore the structure of the head in their original form .

Although the results bioprinter vital organ has been widely used , but scientists are still trying to develop in order to truly serve decent normal human organs . At the end of his organs have succeeded perfectly , then the 3D printer will be indispensable technology . 

- See more at : http : // 3d printer only - tool - 3d - printers - can - make - new - organ - know / # sthash.0MbaEETC.dpuf
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And Binder Direct 3D Printer
3D printers have a direct kind of work mechanism using inkjet technology. This technology has been around since 1960 when it was used on a 2D printer. Though the use of inkjet technology into the 3D printer works is almost similar manner when used in a 2D printer. Where inkjet move back and forth while removing fluid. And the difference is 2D inkjet printer just move and forth or horizontally, while the 3D inkjet printer can also move vertically or diagonally while removing fluid but not ink such as 2D printer but wax and plastic polymer.

While 3D printers kind of binderin the process of working together using inkjet nozzles to pour the liquid to form each layer. But it has differences with the kind of direct, where the type of binder for printing using two separate materials in the form of dry powder and liquid glue. The mechanism of action, the first dry powder do casting then given liquid glue binding to occur. And so on until the entire process is completed.

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Photopolymerization And Sintering
Photopolymerization if observed from its name comes from the word that means light and Photo polymer that has meaning chemical compound plastics. So it can be said to be a kind of 3D printers that have a way of working with a drop of liquid plastic is then given in the form of ultraviolet laser irradiation. And during the irradiation process could change a liquid to a solid form.

While the types of sintering 3D printer in the working process involving solid particles given irradiation process. And such a process commonly referred to as Selective laser sintering (SLS) which processes 3D printers work using a laser to melt the plastic powder which is then melted and froze back form a printed layer. Type sintering very compatible for printing objects comes from the metal. Because the manufacturing processes in metals often require mechanisms of liquid and solid form then solid again. And the benefits arising from the sintering process is the high level of precision.

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Experience the newest level of state of the art weighing technology incorporated in the GH Series Analytical Balance from A&D Weighing. Attention to the smallest detail was designed into this premiere analytical balance including anti-static glass. Everyone knows static electricity can cause havoc in your high precision weighing tasks, but almost all analytical manufacturer's just use standard glass in their draftshield. The A&D GH Series is the only analytical balance we know on the market featuring specially coated glass that substantially lessens the effects of static electricity. 

The GH-200 offers 220 gram weighing capacity and increments in 0.1 milligram divisions. One touch automatic calibration function with its motor-driven mass offers you easy and simple calibration for accurate weighing. The balance also incorporates automatic self-calibration when it detects ambient temperature changes. All A&D lab balances also support calibration  

Standard RS-232C and WinCT data collection software are included with the balance to allow easy uploading of results for documentation and further analysis. GH-08 Ethernet interface or use the standard serial interface. 

Purchase this lab balance with the optional density determination kit (AD-1653) and finding the density of a substance couldn't be easier. The balance features embedded software for calculating specific gravity by the standard procedure of weighing a sample first in air then submerged in a liquid of known density such as distilled water or alcohol. Those wishing not to spend the money for the AD-1653 can always use the underhook capability for density 

A&D Analytical Balances are accompanied by the industry leading five-year warranty, assuring long lasting quality and performance. Compare all the features, standard accessories, and price and you'll see it is tough to pass up purchasing any of the A&D Weighing Analytical Balances for your analytical weighing needs. 

Never heard of A&D? A&D is currently the world's third largest manufacturer of laboratory and industrial balances with 20% of the world market share. Established in 1977, A&D Company, Ltd. has grown from developing digital-to-analog converters for companies such as Nippon Telegraph & Telephone, to becoming a world class producer of advanced measuring equipment for medicine, science and industry. A&D established itself as a multinational corporation, with offices in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, Korea, Taiwan and Russia, and as a world leader in measurement equipment. The company's competitive edge is the direct result of its ability to leverage strong engineering and manufacturing capabilities, while incorporating highly accurate analog and digital technologies into broad product lines focused to provide customers with the greatest value. 

If you like the touch screen design we also offer the Sartorius Secura 224-1S, Quintix 224-1S and Practum 224-1S . The Sartorius Secura 224-1S allows you to enable SQmin and additional safety weighing features like the ability to program the minimum weight value so when you attempt to weigh samples below a set threshold the weight reading is displayed on screen in red. Built-in level verification, Password Protection, and memory tracking is also available. Secura is one of the worlds most technologically advance weighing instrument we offer. 

We understand purchasing a laboratory analytical balance is a major capital expense and if you have any questions give us a call and one of our weighing experts can discuss your weighing application and get you the most affordable balance for your weighing needs. 

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We are a network of 100+ strategic PCB manufacturers!
It is difficult to find a qualified printed circuit board manufacturer, though there are hundreds out there. A good PCB manufacturing company is one who knows what customers care, and helps customers fix technical problems and finally turns out with good quality PCBs.
By streamlining the production line of PCB manufacturing, makes it possible for its network PCB manufacturers to fabricate customers’ PCBs in timely manner without a strict minimum order request – we take 5pc-prototyping orders!

You have the option to configure your own custom PCBs by choosing specifications of your PCBs – dimension, layers, thickness, copper weight, hole diameter, track and space, etc. Our system automatically tells you the price of your PCB instantly, and this price is very competitive.
Besides all these automation and conveniences, will appoint a salesgirl who is able to write good English to help you through all your orders. And we have PCB engineers who check and reviews all your data and files to make sure your files meet manufacturability requests. You can feel the warmth and professionalism of our people manufactured
OURPCB's dedicated pcb prototyping facility is a full turnkey, fast turnaround, high technology service.

PCB Prototyping Features:
  • Layers: 1-32
  • Finished Copper: 0.5-5oz
  • Min. Line/Track Width: 3mil.
  • Finished Board Thickness: 0.2-5.0mm.
  • Min. Finished Diameter of PTH Hole: 0.2mm.
  • PCB Prototyping Standard Lead time:
  • 1-2 layers: 5days
  • layers: 6days
  • 8layers: 7days
  • 10layers: 9days
  • 12layers: 11 days
Shipping time is not included
PCB Prototyping payment:
  • paypal is accptable
  • cash on delivery is acceptable
  • formal quotation in 8 working hours
  • DHL, FeDex, TNT, EMS are available offers everything you could wish for PCB manufacturers! End PCB Manufacturs